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The Black Swan x Le Ekhaya Collaboration

I definitely have been know for a few things, but try as I might to run away from designing .. its the one thing I do well.. so it was no surprise that when Chengi approached me to do a 'Couple' of dresses for her I was rather taken aback..

Having been part of Chengi's world for a few years now, I have seen her evolution into this amazing beautiful rare Black Swan. I was honoured to be able to dress her and be part of this amazing journey.

Then the most amazing thing happened ...As it does when I immerse myself in my work .. I was inspired to created a whole collection of dresses and out fits that reflected her evolution... not realising that it was me that was experiencing an evolution.

As the new appointed style concierge of Black swan I feel like a new world has just opened.. Not one that I am a foreigner but one that I have spent years preparing to walk into... the level of levelling up I've had to pull out of the bag.. in about 3 weeks was short of a miracle. I definitely have been preparing for this day for such a long time ... it almost feels like my everyday but now the rest of the world have joined in.. It does feel like a new beginning and I am super excited that you can join me in this journey. So here we are and welcome to being Unique

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